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Hiking in the mountains during the holidays

Swimming in clean water, walking to avoid overcrowded rapids and jumping into water heaters... Water hiking is a mix of adventure and history in a breathtaking atmosphere. You are accompanied by a guide to protect the environment and enjoy yourself at this time.For more information contact : wineandspiritlodging.com . No passage is mandatory, the progression is a swimming and walking. This type of river descent is ideal for water games: swimming, show jumping, rapids and slides, etc. These fun trails are affordable for everyone, as long as you can swim and be comfortable in the water!

Discover the vineyards of France

Our RTT times are over. The children, handed over to their own grandparents. It's your turn to spend a long weekend together! This season, abandoned even the French Riviera or the Normandy coast. The shores of your childhood will perish: you will go on the wine road. Alsace, Bordeaux or the Loire Valley, the decision was a difficult one. For a wine tasting, contact professionals.One thing is certain, you don't want to stop. You can contact professionals, to select your weekend in a vineyard. Discover some of the appellations. From classes to visits to the basement, you will satisfy the winegrowers who produce your favourite wines. At nightfall, avoid resorts of all kinds and develop your adventure by sleeping in rooms or estates at the farm centre.

Learn to sail with your children

Understanding how to rig your boat, hoist the float or sail are techniques explained to teenagers and children who come to the summer camp looking for the catamaran or the optimist. But sailing doesn't use any techniques! The management of a ship must also have the ability to anticipate, to control your emotions, in order to balance your movements... The calm or rough sea, and the sometimes changing end, always force us to keep an eye out. This is exactly what makes the sailing camp so special: it is not just a sports camp, it is also a live event where participants will always make decisions based on the weather or the behaviour of their boat.

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