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Real estate: Biarritz, queen of the Basque Coast

Biarritz is recognized worldwide for its spots, its surfing, its seaside resorts and above all its quality real estate. It is a queen city of the Basque Coast where several opportunities are to be taken. In terms of real estate, the city is one of the most expensive in France, whether in terms of rental or sale. However, some owners find it difficult to sell their property, while potential buyers find it difficult to find a property that matches their desires and budgets. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to find a building according to your needs in Biarritz, provided you knock on the right door.

Where to find quality property in Biarritz?

Several quality buildings are available in Biarritz, whether in the city center or by the sea, near the seaside resorts. However, these are the places where the price has risen sharply. Some new buyers prefer to build or buy near the mountains, a little further from the city for a lower price. All the same, by entrusting your purchase, construction or rental projects to a Biarritz real estate expert, your wishes will be granted. This is how the Barnes Côte Basque real estate agency is renowned in Biarritz with its quality and first-rate apartments to rent in Biarritz at prices that defy others. The same goes for houses with a sea view, on the side of the mountain, allowing you to appreciate the quality of the environment. Not to mention the houses and farms, but also old properties.

A specialist in real estate in Biarritz

This real estate agency is renowned in Biarritz, but also in the Basque Coast with its achievements, but also its buildings and apartments for sale. Whether in the city center, on the mountainsides or by the sea, you will find with this agency quality houses that respect your budget.

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