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The best place online for boat fans

Sailor or motor enthusiasts, fan of the monohull or multihull, passionate about boating, cruising, fishing, walking, water sports or regattas, Band of Boats meets your requirements. Then visit www.bandofboats.com to help you choose the boat of your dreams!

Online exchanges : boat fans

The number of brands in boating is huge. There are more and more start-ups, sharing sites and online exchanges that are being created. Samboat, Youboat .... All have only one vocation, sharing and good understanding. Go for a walk in the boat shows around France and around the world and you will see that there is no real competition in the world of boating. All enthusiasts will help and advise you to the fullest. We can test different models of mainly semi-rigid boats for free. The contact with the representatives is done easily and always within the framework of partitions.

A very beautiful experience and a transport in addition

Many of us love traveling, no matter where in the world. We always come out with full stars and beautiful pictures. However having a means of transport nautical or not allows to see the countries that we visit in another dimension and sometimes even sail to his desires between the islands.

A cheap license and a great experience

Wherever you are coastal permits or inland waters do not cost much to pass. You will easily find training courses and boating licenses at 300 or 400 euros near your home. If you are more of a calm, calm and serene style, the Inner Waters permit is for you. Let yourself be guided by the course of your favorite river and discover the Seine, the Marne or any other stream from another angle.

So for all boat enthusiasts, Band of Boats is a site that will illuminate your desire to acquire the boat of your dreams or to browse all the different nautical destinations.

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