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How to travel around the world by boat

Until recently, round - the-world cruises were often little more than window dressing, with no true expectation that individuals would want to pay thousands of pounds for three months at a moment to be away from home. If you're unconvinced about expenditure so long at sea, consider a industry–anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks–that enables you to dive into a lengthy cruise for a segment that is particularly attractive.

How to find the right cruise boat

Walk to Docks to Find a Boat: Ironically, the best way to get a job as a shipping crew member is to get on a sailboat to a new port and just walk the docks in search of a job. Unfortunately, the age-old catch-22 scenario raises its hideous head— you need crew experience, but you need crew experience. If you're fortunate enough to live in a sailing town— like Annapolis, MD, Ft Lauderdale, FL, or any Caribbean or Mediterranean coastal city, wandering the docks and speaking to individuals is your best bet forboat rental. On my last journey, the aforementioned girl discovered our ship precisely that way — she was a local from Charleston, SC, just searching for a sailing experience and a ride to the islands where she wanted to follow her enthusiasm for kite surfing.

Use the internet to discover a ship: if you come from a rural inland town like me or are otherwise far from the ocean, the internet is quite helpful and offers another way to find a boat. Several websites are devoted to finding crew, especially for deliveries, and most of them are set up to allow you to access them free of charge. Professional service skippers often post advertisements seeking volunteer crew, and it's often just a matter of sending your curriculum vitae, a picture and a brief email as to why you want crew to get you on a boat. These skippers are often prepared to take inexperienced crew as a third or fourth member and are generally very teachable.

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