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The glamourous holiday accessories

Today we dream of a trip to Croatia. Yet not so long ago, when it was heated in Yugoslavia, the coasts of Croatia made no one dream. Perhaps it is the drawing of its borders, a horseshoe is good luck, maybe it is its name of bird call that makes you want to fly, float along the rugged shores or steep cliffs of the Adriatic Sea.

What to put in your suitcase

Since Croatia has four distinct seasons, the contents of your suitcases will vary greatly depending on the time of your visit. In summer, bring versatile and relaxed clothing that you can wear to the beach or hike, as well as a weave for cool evenings. In winter, you will need pants and coats, because snow is not uncommon. Croatians tend to dress stylishly for a night in the restaurant or theater.

All you need for the sun

Sunglasses, protective cream and a hat, but also all you need to get in the water: jersey, mask and snorkel, plastic sandals for your dear ones blondes because the bottom of the water are frequently full of rocks, shells and sea rascals. For comfort, also provide a small mattress to lie without back pain On the pebbles, sandy beaches are rare in Croatia, but the sea is radiant! An anti-mosquito spray will always be useful.

One-piece flat belly effect jersey

The swimsuits, large sizes are at the top of the trend. We love the print of it and its flat belly effect that sheath our entire shape. All you have to do is put on an attractive beach dress, flip-flops and you're ready to jump in the big bath!

The swimsuit with white stripes

We love everything in this jersey with a vintage spirit. Its V neckline, its covering effect, its sparkling colors ... It is both beautiful and technical. Have you noticed how white bands are cleverly placed to lengthen the silhouette?

The sandal knotted at the navy ankle

Second favorite of this beautiful pair of navy blue sandals tied at the ankle. To comprise a navy stylized look, it is perfect with a small white dress with lace detail or openwork.

Croatia with the family is worth trying when you have the necessary accessories that accompany the trip. When going for a trip during your vacation always think of a yacht rental croatia in the best agency to be sure of the best experience.

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