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Adding a touch of luxury to your Greek holiday

Travelling in the open spaces of a motorboat and you want to make your memories of your holiday in Greece livelier and more exciting?

Greece is his way of life

The best way to take all Greece's fingerprint luggage with you is to book a motorboat trip. They are fresh emotions, wonderful holidays and a new experience. In a few days, you will learn how to manage a real sea boat. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the sea. Organizing such a walk along the sea is simple: just select the right boat and clarify the itinerary, as well as the cost of the rental service.

Rental features

If you can rent a yacht yourself, you can try sailing. Greek laws say that a small means of navigation does not require special training. This rule applies to 5 meters long and equipped with an engine up to 30 HP. Pool rental is available for all adults, even if there is no driving experience.

Before yacht charter greece becomes the helm for a beginner, the experts will organize a detailed briefing on the management of the boat and teach the basic rules of control.

Driving a boat is no more difficult than driving a car: all functions are set from the driver's console. After mastering the basics of driving and refueling, you can explore the sea. A good guide is a map of the coast, where they indicate the most interesting and desirable places to visit.

What to bring with you?

The boats are rented for a clearly defined period, agreed upon transfer to the lessee. Therefore, you must calculate the travel time in order to arrive on time at the place of transfer from the boat to the owner.

They also rely on the supply of food and water for all those who will participate in the trip. The rental payment includes the use of coolers. So, you don't have to worry about the security of food stocks.

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