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All kinds of boat rentals in Greece with Samboat

Sailing holidays in Greece are the best in Greek islands for a sailboat rental! Whether you're interested in visiting the renowned islands or discovering the hidden gems, we're here to make sure your boat rentals greece is the ideal one for your requirements. Our local team proposes renting a ship and going from Athens on day journeys. Or check out Lefkada's lovely boat and sail the Ionian Islands. A ship rental in Athens or Lavrion is another excellent choice for your sailing holidays in Greece, which provides you the opportunity to explore the incredible Saronic Gulf. Hope on board your rented sailboat anywhere in Greece or the Greek Islands, and prepare for one of your greatest boating experiences!

Price and affordability

The lengthy stretches of coastline in Greece offer you several dimensions of sailing, enabling you to have more choices when it comes to where you want to rent. Greece has always been known to have a large number of famous ports spread throughout the nation. The cost may differ depending on your project due to the variation in sailing fields. Overall, the largest rental rates begin in late May and go into late August. During this elevated period, owing to demand and favorable weather conditions, the price may be greater.

Boat accessibility

Globally for travelers, Greece has always been one of the top yacht charter and boat rental destinations. If you're searching for a weekly charter at one of the most famous ports like Athens, Lefkas, Corfu, you're going to have to book the boat well in advance if you want to leave one of the Cyclades. Over 50% of contracts for Greece are booked by March on average and over 75% by the start of May. We recommend you at SamBoat to identify your project and book a boat as soon as possible. In some cases, depending on the port, you can book closer to the departure date, but the inventory is decreasing.

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