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Here you can find a large selection of boats and yachts to hire

Everybody's dream is to rent a yacht! Prestige and luxury are on the ride: energy motor, excellent skill and convenience on board, big cabins with so many facilities make sure your journey is a success! He is also a helper in the shock or idleness of maritime operations. In a couple of phrases, the lovely clean life! So don't hesitate: rent a yacht and you can realize the vision!

Business yacht rental

Company Yacht Rental Whether you're looking to entertain your clients, organize meetings, award your employees, boost your brand, introduce a product or even host your reception annually, this collection of corporate yachts provides a range of ships that are the ideal place for business conferences.

Family yacht rental

We can develop a cruise suitable to your group, whether you intend to go with kids, adolescents or older generations. Our charter planners take each member of your family's requirements into account to guide you in selecting the ship and the destination.

Sailboat rental

A personal proprietor can hire a sailboat, but its samboat which is the best location to book a sailboat. If you are experienced you will have the opportunity to have a skipper on board or sail alone. You can rent a ship and sail alone or enjoy the moment with love. During the reservation, you can handle and adjust the information.

Group yacht rental

It is often difficult to book a yacht for a large group, as most yachts can be rented for only 12 people. We can assist you discover the yacht that meets your requirements if you do; however, consider a yacht charter with a big group of 13 individuals or more. Marriages, birthdays, family meetings, friendly holidays, team building activities, business meetings... Our yacht charter planner’s team will help you whatever occasion in searching your boat and organizing your boat. Whether you relax with your family or friends, a charter yacht for a meeting or an event, or celebrate your birthday or marry a yacht, here is all you need for you.

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