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Investing in a top-of-the-range yacht?

When investing in a ship, capital is needed. This is an area reserved for "high-end" investments. It should be noted that individuals should not be boat enthusiasts and those entering this market are not. On the other hand, the possession of a boat licence and another type of authorisation are not criteria to be able to win this type of investment. In addition, the purchase of boats for quick excursions or other uses (evening excursions, sea fishing, etc.) makes it possible to make small investments. In addition, the choice of your investment depends mainly on your fire and your personal situation.

Buying a yacht is one thing. Between the station, the petrol, the team... it is preferable to have a well stocked bank account or yacht charter specialists offer you to rent boats by the week or weekend. The annual cost of maintaining ships changes proportionately. The most important expenses are related to maintenance: winter maintenance and digital systems for this yacht. Then, we can discuss the user fees of the operator and his guests (food, gas, reception), but also the costs related to the boat's employees.
Having a team on board your yacht would be an undeniable advantage, especially if you want to make the most of your holiday. Composed of highly qualified men and women, the crew must be encouraged and competent. From the "deck and equipment" department, we normally find the technical staff, officers, medical care and, of course, the priest. A yacht can also accommodate a co-pilot to assist the captain if necessary. As for the hotel department, it has the staff responsible for ensuring that your comfort during your cruise on board a yacht. Normally, this section includes staff composed of companies, cooks and resorts (hostesses, governesses, receptionists, etc.).

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